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Latest news # 027
1. The company "ELES CEBEL END SYSTES", which is the greatest South Korean enterprise-manufacturer of cable products, has concluded a transaction worth 100 billion. Won on the creation of an underwater electrocability system in the framework of the Bahrain project "On the transformation of the uninhabited islands archipelago into a large tourist attraction."

El M. Keibel said on Tuesday, on March 3, which received an order from El Hihaz enterprises from Saudi Arabia, which takes part in the project to supply an underwater power cable for supplying electricity from the main islands of Bahrain to the Islands of Khavar. The construction of the system will be completed in September 2021.

The Javar Islands are home to many species of birds. The purpose of the 25-kilometer cable project is the connection of the O-Va Khavar to the energy session on a permanent basis.

In October 2018, ELES Keibel entered into a contract with a price of 125 million USD on a high-voltage cable laying for the Bahrain power network. Bahrain continues to modernize its energy infrastructure with the help of a new high-voltage power supply, in order to increase the power supply for industrial growth.

Korean manufacturer, which produces power wire, long-distance cable and telecommunication systems, as well as integrated modules and other similar promaster materials, has already participated in a number of projects abroad. South Korea identified the strength cable of ultra-high pressure as a key national technology, recognizing its high competitiveness and world-class products.

2. Corporation "Jaeefi Styl" has already reacted to an increase in demand, launching the production of sheet steel with a color coating on the joint venture industry in the SEZ "Tilava" in Myanmar.

The company "Jaeefi" and its partner enterprises have invested a total of 100 million USD to the plant in the management of Jaeeffe Meranti Myanmar.

The galvanizing factory is a hot way in the same area should also begin work in the middle of this year.

The Miaanm plant will be able to produce up to 100,000 tons of sheet steel with a color coating and 180,000 tons of galvanized steel per year.

Founder of the organization "Jaeefi Meranti Myanmar", the firm "Jaeiff Meranti Myanmar Holding Pete. LTD. " 35% belongs to the Japanese manufacturer steel, by 20% - "Meranti Stylted Pete. LTD. Of Singapore, "15% focused in the hands of Corporations" Jaeefi Shodji Trade "and" Magnieni-Stil ", as well as the company" Hanva ". Fizz Slots