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Rating of foreign online casinos: how to play in foreign clubs

Many players deliberately ignore domestic sites for gambling, choosing foreign online casinos. They seem to be more reliable and honest, which is not unreasonable. Most European clubs operate legally, having received a license to operate. Plus, the owners of the platforms care about their reputation, so they pay out winnings of any size without any problems.

Foreign casino license

The European gambling market also has unscrupulous resources or fraudulent sites with slot machines. Therefore, before you register at a casino, you need to make sure that the club is legal.

The presence of a license - a guarantee that the certified software is used, without third-party interference. Variety of the document can tell a lot about the gambling operator. In most cases, the following types are found:

Sometimes foreign portals operate under a license from Cyprus. But there is a certain catch here. The license applies only to sports betting. If the site also has slot machines, then it is not recommended to consider the resource, because there is a high probability of using unoriginal software. Use the rating of foreign online casinos for the correct choice of the site Australian online casino.

Bonus program of foreign clubs

European platforms are not as generous. However, various bonuses are available at many sites. Some institutions offer customers a no-deposit gift - the offer can be used after registration, and the real payment to the account is not required.

In most cases, a bonus is available for the first deposit. As a rule, the gambler is entitled to about 10-50% on deposit. Sometimes - up to 100%. A number of sites practice the issuance of a starter kit - it includes several bonuses.

For active users, implemented gifts such as "reload. They can be activated an unlimited number of times, but with a specific periodicity. For example, once a week or twice a month. Players are offered additional funds or free spins in the top simulators.

Many sites have a loyalty program with a number of levels or statuses. An interesting feature: several casinos may belong to the same operating company. They are combined into a group. Therefore, playing on one platform can help increase the level in the loyalty system on another portal.